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MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra

MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra
MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra
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MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra
MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra
MV-Käsine, Stanno Volare Ultra
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Volare Ultra - Huippumaalivahtien moderni työkäsine!  Uusi Hyper Foam+ pinta takaa entistäkin paremman gripin sekä kuivissa että kosteissa olosuhteissa.  Negative cut+roll finger yhdistelmän ansiosta todella laaja kosketuspinta palloon.  Mukana optionaalinen rannekiinnitys. Käsine pysyy hyvin ilmankin sitä mutta halutessasi voit käyttää sitä ja siihen voimme painaa vaikkapa nimesi tai sponsorisi logon. 

The Volare Ultra is Stanno's absolute top goalkeeper glove, with Hyper Foam Plus and extra large foam surface. The glove is lightweight thanks to the use of the latest techniques and materials.The new Hyper Foam Plus is an ultra-soft, thick foam that provides an even better grip in both dry and wet weather conditions. It has an even higher absorption capacity, ensuring continuously moist foam in all weather conditions. This greatly improves grip and provides excellent impact reduction, for even better ball control. An additional advantage of Hyper Foam Plus is its longer lifespan.The glove has an RFH negative fit, with the stitching on the inside of the fingers and the rollfinger system combined. As a result, the glove closes tighter around the fingers, but is also completely surrounded by foam. The foam surface on the inside of the hand is further enlarged, making the surface to catch the ball even larger.The silicone inserts on the punch zone and fingers provide good flexibility to increase ball feel.The One Piece Fit design (OPF) also guarantees an optimal fit around the upper hand. The glove fits so snugly around your hand that the use of a wrist strap is optional which is why the Volare Ultra is equipped with a removable, elastic flat wristband (printable with your name, for example).The embossed palm enriches the design of the Stanno Volare Ultra.


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